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About us

We - Niels LUND and Dennis STOUGAARD - are two design addicted "kids" who believe there is more to design and functionality than what meets the eye.


It all began back in 2008 when we discovered the most amazing thing we had ever seen - Mr. P by PROPAGANDA.

We - like most other people - immediately fell in love with this character and there was no turning back.

We both knew that dedicating our lives to the world of emotional design was the only right thing to do.

This was when we teamed up with the most inspiring people in the design industry and it didn't take long for us to grow tight bonds with our partners, which has taught and inspired us more than we could have ever dreamed of.

Today we are breathing design together with our customers and some of the most hip and talented designers the world has ever seen.

It is truly a privilege for us to work and live in this environment and to service consumers, like ourselves, throughout the EU.

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