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Well hello there.
We love design. We love humor.
We love making your life just perfect.
We give everyday life a personal touch through products that tell your story
Now! - Check out the amazing brands we carry.



We are Winkee

We have a deep appreciation for functionality and a strong affinity for fun. Above all, we relish the art of merging functionality with fun.

This is precisely why, each year, we embark on journeys across the globe to explore the latest trends and craft innovative products.

Our fervor for the exceptional and the delight we derive from our work motivate us to consistently deliver our very best, enhancing the everyday lives of our customers, infusing them with more vibrancy, beauty, and enjoyment.


Raise your glass

We are changing the way we value our planet, people and products. And our drinking glass is only the beginning.

Our drinking glasses are the icon for the transition to a circular economy. They are the start of a good conversation, a celebration of doing something meaningful and a story you can share with anyone. But our products symbolize so much more. 

Check out our mission and see how we bring about change.

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The story

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and by seeing so much passion it naturally became my dream to also become an entrepreneur myself one day.

In 2017, I went on a wonderful adventure and moved to Valencia, Spain. Living there, I quickly fell in love with the Spanish lifestyle and weather.

Back home, I noticed how dull most interiors were and I wanted to bring a piece of Spanish sunshine into my home.

Since I couldn’t find on the market what I was looking for, I decided to design it myself. I immediately started drawing and took ceramics classes to get more familiar with the material.

The choice of ceramics came naturally, as I grew up in it.
My parents have a company specialised in colourful ceramic animals, called Pomme pidou.

Fastforward to 2022. I finally got the hang of it and designed my first collection. Qué Rico was born!

Josephine Coelembier, Founder Qué Rico


Lifestyle Food Novelty


VINOOS introduces edible wine as Real Sophisticated wine gums, literally!

A totally new and exclusive wine experience for the extraordinary market. This lifestyle food novelty is available in the flavors of Chardonnay, Merlot, Rosé, and Sparkling wine. VINOOS' wine indulgence offers an interplay of the senses; experience its sensational scent, its gentle touch, amazing taste and a finish that lingers in your mouth.

Legal fun all day!

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NOOZ 2024


Since 2015, NOOZ have been striving to create eyewear that genuinely makes everyday life easier.

NOOZ are committed to creating high quality products at the right price.

Looking at the world of eyewear from a different angle helps NOOZ stay ahead of the game. Clients are their source of inspiration and every product created is designed to meet their needs. Each creation is a step forward, making them easier to use, more durable and long-lasting, and not to mention stylish!

Nooz will answer all your needs whether it be corrective lenses for farsightedness, protection from the sun, or blue light filters... for the whole family!

Designed to move with you.

Designed to last.

Eyewear designed to make everyday life easier.


Behind the Danish design company, Kasia Lilja Studio, is the creative designer Katarzyna Wasilewska-Beyer, who was born and raised in Poland.

"Kasia" is the Polish abbreviation for her full name "Katarzyna". Katarzyna lost both her parents at an early age and at their funerals, there were decorations of white lilies. The white lilies therefore have a special significance for Katarzyna, hence the name of the company "Kasia Lilja".

Katarzyna is a passionate entrepreneur, a dreamer, a creative fiery soul, a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend and everything she does she does with heart in the right place. Intuition and humor are the core values ​​of running the business and a guide in Kasia Lilja Studios' journey.

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Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 20.42.23.png

#PEPPERMINT products

Peppermint Products is a young design brand created by Nina Nikolaus and Roman Luyken. They develop furniture products and living accessories in their design studios in Munich and Athens. Their designs are created following their minimumMAXIMUS design philosophy, because they believe in creating a lot from very little.

Fair, Social Production and Sustainable Innovation. Peppermint products use minimal resources in material, production and transportation. Wherever possible, they employ persons with disabilities, promoting equal opportunities.



DOIY is creativity, surprise, passion and excitement, a lot of excitement. DOIY is design. Design to share, to smile, to surprise and, above all, design for all. DOIY is a young brand which creates quality products, at very affordable prices. DOIY is a brand where people can acquire, or share, original, different and perfectly-designed objects. Objects that bring cheer to your day.

DOIY wraps us in a very optimistic world using iconic creations focused on curious gifts and home accessories. Its creations always tell us a story. A story that can be poetic, nostalgic, ironic…but that will never leave us cold.

DOIY was created in 2008 by Elodie and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs. Their background in fashion and design, coupled with their passion and enthusiasm for creativity, has allowed DOIY to grow quickly and globally. Today DOIY products can be found in over thirty countries worldwide in cities such as New York, Tokyo or Paris...

DOIY 2024
EMS 2024


EAT MY SOCKS is our new socks brand.

EAT MY SOCKS design unique socks shaped as unexpected objects. From their food collection to their trend line, they offer a large range of creative, edgy and playful socks, all of which guarantee 100% surprise and a perfect wow-factor gift.


EAT MY SOCKS are unisex, one size fits all and their packagings are eco-friendly.



ANOTHER ME aims to create a better world and make self-care and mental wellness a priority.


They design objects that invite you to live experiences centered on a quest towards mental wellness.

You can find products such as challenges, posters, puzzles and much more.

ANOTHER ME is actively  contributing to the promotion of well-being by donating a portion of their proceeds to various mental health organizations.



Men's Lounge is a Danish brand with a mission of redefining the modern gentleman. At Men's Lounge they appreciate values like politeness, trust, loyalty and love. Being a gentleman does not come down to whether you wear expensive suits and hats, it comes down to whether or not you are a good man with manners.

Who you are should be represented in your style. Your style is expressed in which decorations you have on your wall and which clothes you wear.


Men's Lounge want to help you have the opportunity to express yourself. Their motto is "Be you".

Just be yourself, but be the best version of yourself. Have faith in yourself, have love in your surrounding and act as a gentleman.


24Bottles is the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a wide range of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go.
They believe that good design can change things for the better and can help people improve their health and quality of life as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way.
Focus is to combine form and function in order to offer uniquely lightweight collections of bottles, bags and accessories, so as to foster a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle, while keeping personal style in check.

24BOTTLES 2024
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 08.45.44.png


THE Rivsalt product family is designed by swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer.  Jens came up with the concept while dining at a japanese tippanyaki restaurant in beijing. after a productive six months of parental leave, the original rivsalt product was launched at Designtorget Sweden in January, 2013. 

Since launch the family of Rivsalt products has grown each year with new products which now can be seen on the shelves of many high street stores world wide.


XD Design offers the perfect gift for any occasion! 

Our heart lies in creating relevant & sustainable products for affordable prices. We strive to take every day products to a higher lever by adding design both in an emotional and functional sense, or as we like to call it: Affordable Uniqueness!

Sustainable design is in our DNA. XD Design 

makes everyday products that are original, accessible and functional. Affordable design that improves your daily life.

That’s the idea. That’s XD Design.

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 15.20.37.png


Loooqs offers fun and practical gifts for affordable prices. 
You will find the right gift for any occasion in our assortment of products.


Gifts that are not only fun but also practical in your daily use, whether it is to make your travels go more smooth or to excel in the kitchen.


The Loooqs collection 
is carefully selected & packed in order to make a great impact when shown in stores; this is done by our wide selection of displays or great single piece packaging’s.



Gift ideas by Donkey Products are spectacular. Whenever you give a donkey present, you will enjoy delight of giving. The creative heads of Donkey work almost around the clock on new unique gifts, which you have never seen before.


Florian Berger founded Donkey Products in 2008. As the son of a family who has been working in the giftware business for years, Florian is full of passion about original gifts. This is what he shares with the whole Donkey family, which has grown considerably since the first day. Today a small team works in our Donkey Creative Lab to develop small gift ideas that enrich the lives of the recipient in various ways. With a lot of energy we follow our great vision create unique gifts.

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Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner met in Tel Aviv at ascola School of art and Design in 1999. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. While at school, they designed a spiral-shaped light fixture together – a project which would later become the prototype for one of Ototo's bestselling items – "poing" fruit basket.


In 2004 they decided to open a design studio together, and named it OTOTO which in Hebrew means "any minute now", with the understanding that something new and exciting can happen at any given moment; that the next great idea is just around the corner, waiting to arrive; because every good idea will be followed by another one. They started to develop products in small scale production, manufacturing each one by hand, in Kibbutz Kfar Menachem's old ceramics factory. Demand for their product grew steadily, and in 2007 the studio moved to Tel Aviv, and the product line – now constantly growing, mass-produced and distributed the world over – includes functional household products with a humoristic / ironic / unexpected twist. The studio's unique products can now be found in museums, art galleries and design expos, as well as in home design stores in your area. Daniel and Ori continue to look for new ideas, with a true passion for creation and the desire to share their work with anyone who appreciates creative design as much as they do.

#Monkey Business


Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994, providing fresh perspectives on the little things that make up your day, whether at home, at the office or outdoors.


They are a family-run product design studio, founded by industrial designer Oded Friedland then a graduate and today a teacher at the Bezalel Art & Design Academy in Jerusalem. Since 2005, in addition to designing original products in-house, the studio has been collaborating with a selection of talented local designers – promising youngsters and experienced professionals alike.


Monkey Business is affordable design that combines an original idea with looks and functionality.

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PELEG 2023



The world of PELEG DESIGN revolves around three basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, and humor.

It is a world motivated by continuous curiosity with the explicit purpose to transform what was once an average, been-there-done-that concept into an innovative and truly exciting experience.


PELEG DESIGN studio was founded in 2004 by Shahar Peleg, who holds a B.A. in Design and Interior Architecture from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).The studio's products are designed to be used in homes, offices and other living spaces. Beyond the end-product, Shahar provides the observer with a complete, all inclusive experience.


Through optical illusions that stretch the limits and break conventions, he invites the viewer to take a closer look, revealing a fresh view of everyday products.The viewer is encouraged to discover that beyond the products' functionality there is a surprising game of enchantment and humor to be seen.The products' design follows a clean and minimalist line.


Using a variety of materials and methods, some of the products are mass produced, others are manufactured in limited series while a select few are single, hand-made copies.



Bobino envision an easier daily life through simple innovation. They get energy from thinking about inconveniences we all know and what products they can create to make our daily lives easier. With great focus on the design process and care for their customers, they have been building a strong brand presence for the past 10 years.

Since Bobino started in 2007, they’ve earned international recognition and some design awards like the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award in 2009, The IF Product Design Award in 2010 and 2015 and the Red Dot design Award in 2012.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.57.32.png



Moree is a specialist for high-quality illuminated furniture and living room accessories, made for people who appreciate sensual, urban living. The love of clear forms, innovative materials combined with a fascination of the effect of light, Moree designers are always exploring expressive and timeless ideas for interiors and exteriors.

The range is based on an extensive collection of illuminated tables and objects as well as seating, for living rooms, gardens, restaurants, bars and clubs. Functionality, durability and stylish design stands for the success of our German brand.

Moree furniture can be individually branded, giving companies and product advertisements high visibility. Unique, eye-catching and intriguing.


Since 1992, the folks at Kikkerland Design have traveled the world in search of original designs for things that can make life more enjoyable. Clever things to intrigue you. Smart things that make everyday tasks easier. And gentle things that make you feel happier when you use them.


It’s no wonder that Kikkerland Design continues to offer the world’s largest collection of ingenious items combining form, function, and delight in equal parts. You can find them in thousands of stores around the world, including museum and specialty shops. Or you can just stay home. Because if it’s inventive, witty, and smartly designed, Kikkerland Design will bring it to you. Just for the fun of it.





DesignCode is the intelligent design, with its own style and within the reach of everyone.


What motivates us each new day is to consider that… …we have an intelligent design with its own unique style. …we promote the take-away Design: sensational design within the reach of everyone. …we look for accessibility through ingenuity, the materials, the forms in which the products can be purchased and the price. …we are professional doing what we enjoy most. …we are in Barcelona, a fantastic city from which we are creating. …in only a short time our designs have gained public recognition . …someone will enjoy our designs even more than we do.

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