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VINOOS The Real Wine Gum 



Vinoos introduces edible wine as Real Sophisticated wine gums, literally! A totally new and exclusive wine experience for the extraordinary market. This lifestyle food novelty is available in the flavors of Chardonnay, Merlot, Rosé, and Sparkling wine.

VINOOS' wine indulgence offers an interplay of the senses; experience its sensational scent, its gentle touch, amazing taste and a finish that lingers in your mouth. Legal fun all day!



The magic of this incredible wine gum lies in its high acidity and delicate notes of ripe citrussy fruit, lychee and gooseberry. Bright and pale with fresh grassy notes. A super delicious delight, with chamomile undertones and a spicy long-lasting finish.

This wine gum will reignite your love affair with Sauvignon Blanc.



Floral notes blend magnificently with the ultimate refreshment of citrus and green apple, to create this delicate Prosecco gum. Elegant and intense at once, with notes of elderflower and spicy rosewater. Crisp and sweet with lovely juicy tingle on the finish. This is the perfect celebratory wine gum.



Beautiful soft pink color in an equally chic packaging. These wine gums get fancy summer. Many wild flowers, lychee aromas and a caramel touch lift up out of this delicate Rosé wine gum to meet you.

Crisp and sweet with lovely juicy tingle on the finish. This is the perfect summertime wine gum.



The nose is elegant, with the richness of the fruit enhanced by lychee, peach and pear. Nuance of limes on the palate combine to offer a delicious, flavourful wine gum with a creamy taste and a lingering and refreshing aftertaste.



The brilliant dark ruby appearance is indicative of the elegant red and black berry aromas, which follow through to the palate showing enticing, concentrated ripe cherry and subtle earthy flavours.

Designed to be enjoyed immediately. If you are feeling adventurous give it a whirl with cheeses.



These Sparkling Rosé gums are a stand-out from the first sip, with all the notes you’d expect! Perfect for those who want a taste of Celebration. Delicious whiffs of charming raspberry aromas vie with a white flower nuance on the nose. Brilliant with fruity desserts.

The Story

At Vinoos they love wine.

Therefore they started with a question.

If you enjoy the taste of wine but for whatever reason, alcohol is not on your approved beverage list, would it be possible to create an edible treat that may be the guilt-free indulgence you have been craving?

The concept was started in the world of design. It was developed at the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. And to solve this question, they tested and perfected many ingredients and recipes. It ends as a ‘grape new experience’.

Now, any time of the day your taste-buds call, slowly savor one of these delicious gummies will melt in your mouth with satisfaction. Elegantly available in your choice of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Rosé, Sparkling Rosé, Prosecco and more. Naturally without alchol, vegan and gluten-free.

VINOOS is...

Design uden navn (11).png


Hangover free

There is no better option. They are just like wine, like you just took a sip of wine.

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Design uden navn (13).png


Gluten Free


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Splashing quality with a finishing touch on everything we do. A new sophisticated way of wine gifts for everyone.

Want to know more?

We are always available for a chat, so don't hesitate to reach out to us, if you want to know more about VINOOS or some of the other amazing brands we carry.

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